Continuing adventures in Mexico!

This is probably the last we’ll see of Anya’s adventures in Mexico.

At least on the mainland. No body said anything about the COAST. Continue reading


Monday is Meeting day

Monday is always the day that everyone in the office gets together to discuss what happened over the weekend. Someone’s gone out of town, someone had a major bender with their friends, and Anya gets held hostage inside a whole country.

Anya wins the “worst weekend ever” award. Continue reading

Payday isn’t always a Friday

Sometimes payday falls on a Tuesday, or a Wednesday, or when you’re done getting blackmailed into doing things that you don’t really want to do, but have nothing better to do so you might as well.

Guess which one is for Anya?

Side note: my Character Hub has been updated to reflect new characters and changes in the current line up. Hopefully more characters will be added soon!

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Party Rockers in the House Tonight

Yes, I am hopping on that train, despite the fact that it derailed a long time ago.

Back story on this sprint: Anya, fresh from her break up with Shahin (spoiler alert) and the end of her apprenticeship, goes to spend a few months with her mother, rather than returning straight to Falcon’s Landing. And we learn Vriss’s first name.

Also, my bad for posting this late. I was distracted by The Hobbit movie after work.

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You know it and I know it

Sorry about not having a post on Monday. I got caught up in some other things and never did get around to posting. Also gonna go ahead and take Friday off, while I’m at it. Monday is a bit iffy, but I’m gonna try.

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Kiss me, I’m not Irish

I love how Saint Patrick’s day in the US is just a huge excuse to go drinking and celebrate everyone’s pseudo Irish background. In honor of that, have a drunken General!

I think I finally found a guy for Atlanta to settle in with. Riga is someone that she would really have more of a business relationship with rather than a marriage. It’s a way to get what she wants (mostly) with out having to deal with someone that’s completely unbearable. And Riga is semi-good looking in the right light.

Just make sure you’re squinting or else you won’t see it. (At least that’s what Atlanta says.)

Bit o back story on this one: Atlanta and Riga would have worked out a deal in which Atlanta marries Riga to gain her freedom, because she knows too much to go home. The Empire uses the excuse that she is valuable to the colony she’s assigned to, but Atlanta knows its because she’s privy to one too many secrets. So she drags Riga home to meet the extended family, including the Irish uncles.

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