Payday isn’t always a Friday

Sometimes payday falls on a Tuesday, or a Wednesday, or when you’re done getting blackmailed into doing things that you don’t really want to do, but have nothing better to do so you might as well.

Guess which one is for Anya?

Side note: my Character Hub has been updated to reflect new characters and changes in the current line up. Hopefully more characters will be added soon!

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Pay back for Mexico

So after what felt like a dearth of ideas, I now have several new ones flowing in. And they involve Mexico.

I guess my characters were mad they didn’t get to go, so now they’re going. Or at least two of them are. Be on the look out for that some time soon.

(hint hint: it’s the adventurous ones that are going.)

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Cue the dramatic music

Everything exciting in action movies either (a) happens in Mexico or (b) happened in Mexico. The same can be said for my stories, but since I’m not daring enough to send them to Mexico, it happens at the border.

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Busy Little Bees

This week and next I’ll be a busy little bee. Might not be much time for writing, but we’ll see. I have a small backlog that will hopefully last long enough.

Also, we’re flipping back to Anya. This would be towards the beginning of her story, and the introduction to Hidalgo. And Vriss before he becomes a general. Continue reading

Getting Arrested

I really love this one. The idea for it popped into my head as I was driving to work at 5 am, and it was all I could do to keep from driving at 90 mph because I was so fired up for this scene.

Also, this scene was briefly mentioned in this sprint. (Although I may have forgotten a few details….)

Also also, meet Colonel Clay Kerran everybody! He’s Anya’s unseen (up until now) father! 😀
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