So, It’s been a while


It’s been a while since we last spoke, hasn’t it? It’s my fault, really. I’ve not been writing like I should, and I’ve been calling in to question my devotion to be a writer.

Don’t worry, the blog isn’t ending. I’m just having an emo moment or two. As you read this, I’m probably landing in LaGuardia (if my flight hasn’t been delayed) since I’ll be in Staten Island for a wedding this weekend. Go me.

I can’t say for certain when I’ll be updating again. I do have stuff written, but it’s nothing I would post here. I hate the way I write NSFW scenes, and all of it is NSWF. Perhaps I’ll fix that one day, but I am FAR too shy to try.

Again, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, but I figured I owed you guys and gals an update.

Thanks for reading. Maybe my confidence will come back soon.


Where the heck have you been?!

Good lord, I keep forgetting to update this. I am a horrible, forgetful person.

Here’s kind of an update on what’s been happening (nothing major, I swear):

  • Reworking: I’ve been r-working some characters in my major story (that’s still untitled) and in my minor story of Atlanta. I’ve changed some things around, edited their back stories and decided to NOT reinvent the wheel (although that is fun to do).
  • Retooling: Speaking of wheels, I finally settled on a place to put everyone (yay!). I’ve also kind of figured out a time line for the overall story, and a back story that leads into the main story (again, yay!)
  • Rewriting: I like my beginning, but it needs some help to be less… fanfic-y sounding. I’m also trying to flesh out the characters a little bit more, give them some motivation behind their actions, and answer the ever burning question: why should Anya leave the farm? (Just don’t do it like Dorothy did.)

So that’s been it on my end of things. I’ve been super forgetful this past week, but I’ll have another blog up on Friday. My aim is to get back on track with updates and keep writing (obviously). I’ve been getting a little bit better about not playing the Xbox and spending all of my time on tumblr.

Not that I’ve been spending all of my time on tumblr.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Or is itHare today gone tomorrow? I’ll figure that out later.

I’m still trying to figure out a good schedule for updating. Methinks it’ll be Mondays and Fridays (since those are the days that work best right now) but, like the internet, nothing is set in stone. But it might come back in meme form. If I can find more webcomics to review, the Sunday review might come back, but I wouldn’t hold out for it.

Anyways, I have taco bell tacos to finish off and a backlog to start working on so I don’t go a week with out posting again! Whoosh!

More computer woes

Again with the radio silence! God, I am awful. But, I come bearing an explanation.

Honestly, I forgot to post on Sunday. I was planning on doing a make up post on Monday and Tuesday, but Monday didn’t happen either cause I got lazy and forgot AGAIN.

Then came Tuesday. Specifically, Tuesday morning. I opened my laptop and the right hinge decided to eject itself from the rest of the computer. “Sweet freedom!” it cried, as I sat horrified on my couch. Oh my laptop still worked, but the right part of the screen didn’t want to sat attached to the rest of it.

“That’s cool,” I thought. ” I can still use it very gingerly until I get a new one.”

That night, my screen decided it had enough of me and my audacity to use it. It started to ply the protective casing off the screen.

This morning, I took it in to be recycled. There was no point in trying to save it anymore.

So, I may be doing posts from my phone (like I am now) every once in a while, but in the meantime, I’ll be using my desk top. I’ve begun exploring my options for a new computer, and I’m leaning towards a MacBook air, mostly because none of the PC machines excite me these days. We’ll see.

As of right now, I can’t exactly afford to do much of anything, with my massive vacation around the corner and all. Thankfully I managed to back up all the important stuff, so maybe next week I might have a sprint up. For now, you get sorry excuses, and an empty promise of tow webcomic reviews this weekend to make up for the one I missed last week.

Finally, an update

So, I’ve decided to use this as a spot to put my word sprints that I write. I just needed a nice backlog/buffer, because I don’t write every day. I haven’t decided when I’ll update fully, but I know it won’t be every day. I’m thinking more along the lines of once a week, but nothing is set in stone. We shall see what the days bring.

Any feedback on the sprints would be much appreciated, by the way. Spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc. I welcome them all.

Any ways, here’s the first sprint. Continue reading