Finally, a sprint!

I’m terribly proud of my self in so far as I actually have  a sprint ready to go! I’ve actually spent some time writing, and I have a few more sprints waiting to be finished!

ALSO! Still accepting guest posts as detailed here! Going away for two weeks, and I would rather have something up cause internet access is going to be hella fuzzy.

Little bit of background on this one, it follows behind the events of the adjustment bureau and the slave catcher. Our unnamed heroine is reintegrating with Earth’s society after being gone for a little bit (maybe up to two years).

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Early post

Today, you get an early post to make up for my horrible lateness of last week.

So, super awesome bff had a post awhile back in which she posted some writing sprint ideas to get everyone started. Like the slave catcher one, I sotra followed it, until I decided to ignore the prompt towards the end.

This one is actually sfw AND long! Slightly shocking, I know!

(also, side note: this one is still along the lines of the slave catcher one, so I’m tagging it as such. You’ll probably figure out my reasoning by the end of the week or start of next week)

(also ALSO side note: Go wish super awesome bff a happy birthday. NOW!)

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Pining for the Fjords

Well, not really.

Okay, yes, I lied. I am, but only a little.

So, I mentioned something on Monday about an excuse for my lateness. Short of the long, Ma and I are in the process of trying to start an online business. She was home sick, so we decided to get crackin’ on it. We’re still in the very early stages of our business, so more details as they come I suppose.

Trying to juggle multiple projects sucks, let me tell ya.

Moving along, today’s sprint is a continuation of last Friday’s sprint, which all began when L.M. Stull posted a prompt on her blog. Due to popular demand/fear, I’ve kept it going.  Cause of it’s adulty type nature, We’ll call it pg-13, for snapping undies and boob accents.

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My Fair Lady

I have “Without You” stuck in my head.

I don’t know why. My brain must really like it. Or something.

Moving right along, we have today’s sprint following along suite of the prompt pt. 1 and prompt pt. 2 I did like a week ago. More like FOREVER ago. This is the internet, after all. Things move fast.

Side note: also going back and tagging those posts with the slave catcher in them. It’ll make them easier to find.


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