Something lost, something found

Ever have one of those days? Y’know, one of those days. Where you’ve lost something… and you can’t remember where you put it? Or where you last saw it?

I loose things all the time; car keys, earrings, my mind… but the biggest things I loose on a daily basis?

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Pictures that I never promised

Instead of a sprint today, you’re going to get pictures from my trip.

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I just got back from a convention

… and boy are my legs tired. No really, they are. And so are my feet. This will be interesting at work tomorrow.

Super Awesome BFF (Judy Blackcloud) and myself ventured up to Chattanooga this weekend for a thing called Con Nooga. We met a lot of interesting people, and had a freakin’ awesome time. To make this go a little bit faster, I’ll break it down by days. Continue reading