Pretty shiny


This is really late.

My bad.

But I have an excuse? And I come with a sprint in tow! More importantly, I’ll post the sprint.

Sorry its short! Longer explanation later!

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Getting to be a thing

I really need to not procrastinate and put my posts up the night before.

But I’ll start that tomorrow.

Not much to say round these here parts, so here’s the sprint!

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Titles: how do they work?

(See my meme joke there? I’m so witty)

Let’s talk about titles for a moment. How does one come up with a title for a story? Does it just happen overnight? Or do your titles come to you in a “Eureka!” moment? How about saving it under the first thing your word processor suggests?

The title for my epic/sad fanfic story was “Take the Long Way Home” based off the song by Supertramp. The intentetion was to have the main character literally take the long way home by detouring through several neighboring whatevers, thus setting up the idea of an epic adventure. The flaw with this? The whole book was based off a playlist that was helping to guide me between scenes.

Now that I’ve done the major overhauls and started rewriting it, I’ve noticed one thing: I have no playlist anymore.

Okay, that’s a lie. I have some songs that point me in the right direction, but I don’t have a song for every single chapter/major point in the story.

Writing has helped me to discover my biggest flaws: (1) I’m an over plotter (2) I have a heavy reliance on music.

“Over plotting kills creativity” I chant over and over, as I plot out every detail, and as a result, writing becomes no fun. However, if I have a general story line, I don’t know where to go next. Its a vicious cycle that I will continue to bitch about. Mostly because it gives me something to do.

Music helps me to visualize a scene picturing how the final product should turn out in the reader’s mind. The over reliance on music, like over plotting, leaves me dragging if I don’t have music set for a certain scene. I just can’t quit music; its my crack for writing, and sometimes the lack there of.

We’ve diverted off topic though, or did we?

Current overhaul is called “There is no Spoon”, after the first line (which kicks the story off). I would like to find a better title now, but at the moment, the story doesn’t have a solid ending, or an overall theme. Or at least not one to my liking.

So here’s my question: should I leave it alone until I’m finished writing? Or should I continue to do some “story soul searching” and try to find a name for it now?

Missing Newspaper

This is really annoying.

I cannot find today’s newspaper.

The parents usually bring it in after their morning walk, but for the life of me I cannot find it. And I am annoyed now! Its not in any of the usual places, which leads me to believe the gnomes have taken it.


Pardon me, I have some gnome hunting to do.

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