Keepin’ it short

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Super short!

And I’m not lion! *ba dum tish*

Following suit, of Wednesday, you get another short one! I might do a Saturday sprint to make up for the mercifully criminally short sprint you’re getting today.

It’s so short, you don’t even get a second link to click! *ba dum tish* Happy April Fools day!

“You’ve been sold.” I felt my insides slowly collapse inwards.

“Sold?” I repeated.

“Yes, sold,” Mama Bordeaux repeated harshly. I was shocked at her change in tone; for the month that I had been under her care, she had never spoken to me in an abrupt manner before. “This is a business, sweetheart,” she snapped bitterly, turning back to her books, “and I can’t make any money off you.” She waved an uncaring hand at me, directing me back up stairs. “Go,” she ordered, “your new owner will be here shortly.”

As I trudged up the stairs, the reality of my situation came crashing back down on me; I was still a slave. Living at the House had lulled me into a false sense of security.

My door shut behind me with a hollow thunk, the pain of the situation stinging further. Feeling tears forming in my eyes, I started packing.

Keeping in Rhythm

This one is short and sweet. More workin’ girls, and the mention of sex.

I will eventually come up with a title for this story, but that requires effort. Effort I don’t want to give at the moment.

Also, would anyone else be lost with out spell and grammar check on computers?

❤ the programmers that put that feature into computers.

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