Thank god for a fall back

Remember my RPG Cowboy that I posted about a while back? No? Here’s a refresher for you.

If you’ve played RPG games before, you know that DM’s can be… interesting to work with. In one of our most recent games this summer, our DM sent out a survey for our characters to fill out and send back to her. This also helped to flesh him out a little bit more as a character and give him some driving motivation rather than just being a “steampunk cowboy that’s missing his right eye” (no lie, that’s what I put on the character description). The following is Riga’s response.

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Kiva’s letter home

Today, you get something different. JUST LIKE FRIDAY.

I actually play two RPG games. Savage Worlds and DnD (Dungeons and Dragons to the uninitiated). In DnD, our DM has encouraged us to post to the guild’s blog so the other players can read what’s going on. Its like cheating, but on the internet.

So today, you get a link. Go here to find Kiva’s letter home.

Savage Characters of a different sort

Today, like most days, you get an odd post. The reason I say odd, is because while its still technically a writing sprint, its also a character bio.

See, occasionally on the weekends I like to gather with my friends and pretend to be someone/something that I’m not. We run around in fictions worlds, beat up fictitious animals or people. Its quite fun and a stress reliever.

For the Savage Worlds system, I’m playing a steam punk cowboy. Our last game, our DM was pitting our characters against our “greatest fears”, or some such situation. Because I hadn’t given her a proper character bio, she pitted me against a giant metal scorpion. So I decided to be nice to her (and myself) and type up a proper bio so she could torture me like the other characters.

Hope you like him as much as I do.

(Also, please ignore my horrible history mistakes if I’ve made any. I aimed for like the mid-1840/1850/1860s-1880s. Or something. I ignored the Civil War entirely because Riga wouldn’t care to shoot at other men like he would an animal.)

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