Snuggly Cuddly times

Have a post where everyone is being stupidly cute and cuddly.

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Relationship breakdown

Flippin’ channels again! We’re back to Anya, and this time its in the future.

As much as she doesn’t want to admit it, Anya is going to have a showdown with Shahain in order to get him off her planet. This is only one of the many catalysts leading to their major fight (which will come later, obviously).

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I only change because I love you

And I like confusing the hell out of you guys and gals.

This one, though, does actually require a wee bit of explaining. See, I had this brilliant idea to throw Anya into a Kingdom Hearts type situation where Anya is magically transported to a castle where the major Disney princesses are being kept, and the villains are all like, “Well, IDK what to do with her, but let’s kill her handsome prince anyways because we’re assholes.”

On the opposite end, Shahain winds up teaming with the Disney princes to go rescue their ladies, but Shahain has to do it in disguise because if he did go running around in his natural form, there would be much disagreements. There’s a massive difference between someone that looks like this:

Totally stole this from Voltron. Which is where MOST of my source material comes from

Less beard, more pointy ears, and yellow eyes.

versus someone that looks like this

Go google search "Handsome Prince" and he's literally the 4/5th result.

Again, less beard, more buff. Mmmmm so handsome.

coming to rescue a “princess”. Hence the disguise. Y’know, cause he’s blue; that’s not exactly a Disney hero approved color in terms of skin tone. (SPECIESISM!)

Spoiler alert: They rescue the gals, and blow that Popsicle stand. This convo takes place once everyone is in a safe area away from all the hullabaloo.

Also, none of this is cannon for my story. It’s more like alternate universe type stuff, or a short weekend jaunt into another universe. Like camping. Continue reading

Dynamic Duos

And we’re not talking about Batman and Robin. I’ve had enough of those two in Lego Batman 2, thank you very much.

Another thing that’s interesting about writing is when you start shipping your own characters. (Shipping, for the uninitiated, is when you take two characters and make them lovers, regardless of cannon.) One thing I really struggled with writing for my epic was a love story. I feel like that as a young woman, Anya would have several little crushes that manifested through out her journey in life, and eventually she would fall in love, get married, and have a wonderful life.

After her rebellion, of course.

But I could never properly ship her with any of the other characters. Vriss was too old, Riga was too crazy, Sarnath was too… Sarnath-like. But then Shahain came along. Shahain developed an obsession with Anya; she was a free woman, roaming around the country side, popping in and out of situations with ease, while maintaining her status as a thorn in his side. She would be a challenge to “tame”, a challenge that he welcomed.

If the circumstances were different, say she wasn’t a freedom fighter in possession of a deadly weapon and he had a better grasp on reality, they might be quite perfect together. But alas, his grip on reality is waning and Anya is still in possession of a deadly weapon.

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Funny thing happened while writing

Its funny how you discover more about your characters as you write them.

Originally, it was just Anya and Prince Sarnath butting heads over the whole planet/colony of Europa. Somehow, Sarnath got a brother along the way. The brother started out being mentioned in passing, but as my story started evolving, and Sarnath devolved into a really crappy leader, the brother in the background started getting bigger and bigger.

Spolier Alert: Shahain takes over Europa.

The whole point of the planet Europa is to be a test site for military weapons, but when the local populace starts taking offense to that, someone has to step in and tell them to shut it. And when that doesn’t work, then you bring out the batshit crazy brother, and hope your main character can respond appropriately.

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Unnamed Epic scenes continued!

More from my unnamed epic! Today, we meet the serlael Navy. Serlael navy guys can be assholes. Like even bigger assholes than normal. On an asshole scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest, they’d be ranked an eleven. And be quite proud of it. Then argue that they should be at a twelve, cause twelve is CLEARLY a better number than eleven.

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