Take the week off

No sprints or posts this week y’all. My work schedule is all messed up and my weekend got away from me. See you next Monday with a post hopefully!


My apologies

ARG. My weekend ran away from me, and I just found it again today. I’m gonna try to  keep that little bastard tied up better from now on. He’s a sneaky little thing.

There will be an update Friday, and I will work for an update on Monday. Pinkie promise.

No post today


Hi. Captain Latepants here. No post today, since I spent most of my day wrestling with a virus on my parent’s computer. And it’s Fathers day. But mostly the virus.

Updates will resume tomorrow with a webcomic review, followed by a sprint on Tuesday & Wednesday.
Small note: may or may not be a webcomic review next week either. We’ll see…

No sprint today

Today, there is no sprint. Why?

  1. I’m running low (again)
  2. I’ll out of town today and tomorrow

A good friend of mine is graduating from college this weekend, so I’m driving to see her tonight, and I have some other plans for this weekend as well.

Also, I have to figure out a Mother’s Day present/card, seeing as I haven’t done that yet either.

Instead, we’ll talk about Cino de Mayo. That happened yesterday. Whatever.

It is NOT Mexican Independence Day; that’s in September. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican forces kicking the French off their lawn, involving a bunch of other stuff that’s too long to explain for my brain dead little mind.

(I promised my friend that was graduating a sneak peek at my rough draft, so I have to get it to a good stopping point.)

So happy the day after Cinco de Mayo. I’m gonna go crash.

Still no sprint

However, there is a continuation! Huzzah!

Check out this post if you’re feeling a little bit lost.

More background on this story: The turn that I mentioned last week? Well, this somehow turned into a Harry Potter off shoot. In America. During current-ish times.

I got a little bit a head of myself at one point, and spent two or three late nights on the Harry Potter Wiki. That was a bad idea. To save myself from going crazy with it, I shelved it. I may go back and continue it on a for fun basis; I had a really great villain shaping up.

Anyways, the exciting, almost conclusion of my creepy dream!

(side note: I have craziness going on this weekend, so there may not be an update for Saturday.)

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