Dynamic Duos

And we’re not talking about Batman and Robin. I’ve had enough of those two in Lego Batman 2, thank you very much.

Another thing that’s interesting about writing is when you start shipping your own characters. (Shipping, for the uninitiated, is when you take two characters and make them lovers, regardless of cannon.) One thing I really struggled with writing for my epic was a love story. I feel like that as a young woman, Anya would have several little crushes that manifested through out her journey in life, and eventually she would fall in love, get married, and have a wonderful life.

After her rebellion, of course.

But I could never properly ship her with any of the other characters. Vriss was too old, Riga was too crazy, Sarnath was too… Sarnath-like. But then Shahain came along. Shahain developed an obsession with Anya; she was a free woman, roaming around the country side, popping in and out of situations with ease, while maintaining her status as a thorn in his side. She would be a challenge to “tame”, a challenge that he welcomed.

If the circumstances were different, say she wasn’t a freedom fighter in possession of a deadly weapon and he had a better grasp on reality, they might be quite perfect together. But alas, his grip on reality is waning and Anya is still in possession of a deadly weapon.

(CAUTION: This sprint has swearing in it towards the end. Like lots of it. From surly old men.) Continue reading