Dusty in here

Christ, its dusty in here. Man, how long has it been since I’ve touched this thing? Almost six months? My god, the cobwebs are EVERYWHERE. Luckily, there’s not bats.

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Radio silence

Sorry for the radio silence this week. There’s been a major upset with a friend of mine, and I’ve been doing some hard thinking about stuff recently. For the sake of saving you guys and gals from some major disappointment, there won’t be a post on Friday, but I’ll return again with a Sunday Review.

Again, sorry for the radio silence. See y’all on Sunday.

World’s worst blog post

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been wrapped up in (re)playing “Wind Waker” and “Ocarina of Time” on the GameCube. It also sorta explains my lack of updates these past few weeks, but not entirely.

I’ve been put in a new position at work: I’m now on the floor as opposed to up at the registers, and its taking some time to adjust. Being a strong introvert at home, I like to curl up in my room and be left alone for long periods of time, especially after work. I don’t really have a set schedule just yet, so that makes things a little bit hard to plan for.

Also, still working on producing some sprints, but its not going to well at the moment. While working on the logistics with my new role, my creativity seems to have up and left for yet ANOTHER vacation.

Review will go up on Sunday (sometime), and still looking for guest posts cause those would be nice.

Call out

I mentioned this on Twitter, but I thought I would do a whole post devoted to it.

Towards the end of August/beginning of September, I’m gonna be gone for about two weeks. Rather than leaving up a whole bunch of blank space for two weeks,  I figured I would ask you lovely readers for guest posts. I really don’t care about topics, so long as they pertain to writing in some way.

I’ll accept:

  • Essays (short or multiple parts)
  • Short stories
  • Sprints
  • Just about anything

Cut off date for submissions will be Friday, August 26 at Midnight EST (-5 GMT). Leave me a comment that you’re interested, and I’ll hit you up with info on how to get your stuff to me.

Pining for the Fjords

Well, not really.

Okay, yes, I lied. I am, but only a little.

So, I mentioned something on Monday about an excuse for my lateness. Short of the long, Ma and I are in the process of trying to start an online business. She was home sick, so we decided to get crackin’ on it. We’re still in the very early stages of our business, so more details as they come I suppose.

Trying to juggle multiple projects sucks, let me tell ya.

Moving along, today’s sprint is a continuation of last Friday’s sprint, which all began when L.M. Stull posted a prompt on her blog. Due to popular demand/fear, I’ve kept it going.  Cause of it’s adulty type nature, We’ll call it pg-13, for snapping undies and boob accents.

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Art imitates life

Sorry about the radio silence for most of last week. I lost internet around Tuesday night, and didn’t get it back until Thursday night. It was a “network outage” in my area, which is probably code for, “We don’t like you, so no internet for you. LOLZ”

This week, I actually have 4 days of work, so we’ll see about doing an in between update on Tues/Thurs. Also, running low on Sprints (again), so there may or may not be one on Friday.

I’m so desperate to hear back from my last grad school and not be stuck in this rut of  “What do I do now?” and not apply for jobs.

Le sigh. Such is life. Que sera sera, etc. On to the sprint!

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Decisive decisions pt II

And the grand announcement is:

The laptop isn’t dead!

Wait, wrong grand announcement.

I’m not getting a new one!

Much to my chagrin displeasure great excitement (awkward, but it works) my laptop is still alive. No, the motherboard isn’t dead; it was only the metal tip of the charger that’s loose. After looking around at brand new laptops, I’ve decided that I’m going to hold off getting a new one until I have a big girl job (i.e. not working part time at a retail store) and a big girl paycheck (i.e. one that’s not crap… like the current one). I mean, I am happy to have a job, I just don’t want this one.

So, the laptop will be coming back. I’ve already ordered a new charger and a new battery to boot (one that will last for 4 hours, allegedly). Go me!

Now, on to the sprint! Continued from the creepy dream.

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