Friday Special: Kiva’s Adventure

To make up for a short post on Monday, you get a long post today.

Like really long.

And may or may not involve some romance type thing.

But it is long. And partially inspired by the super moon of last week.

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Kiva’s Diary #1

Follow this link here to get another insight into my Dragonborn character, Kiva!

She’s so lonely and a socially awkward penguin it huuurts.

Kiva’s letter home

Today, you get something different. JUST LIKE FRIDAY.

I actually play two RPG games. Savage Worlds and DnD (Dungeons and Dragons to the uninitiated). In DnD, our DM has encouraged us to post to the guild’s blog so the other players can read what’s going on. Its like cheating, but on the internet.

So today, you get a link. Go here to find Kiva’s letter home.