Guest Post Schedule

Okay! A list of scheduled updates for the coming two weeks!

Sept. 2nd (This Friday): Meg Crowshaw

Sept. 4th: Andrea Judy

Sept. 9th: Natasha Trinite

Sept. 11th: Andrea Judy

Sept. 12: Meg Crowshaw

Since I didn’t get enough guest posts, there will be no update on Friday, Sept 16th. But you guys and gals are used to a lack of updates right? Ba-dum tish. I’m allegedly getting back on Sept 15/16, so I might post something. It might be pictures, but it’ll still be better than nothing, right?


Guest Posts! Full Details!

Okay gang, here’s the low down:

I will be gone from August 31st through September 16th. I would ideally love to have all posts in by August 26th so I can go ahead and get each post scheduled before I leave.

Here’s what I need from you:

  • Your post (obviously)
  • A brief bio about you
  • Links to your website (optional)

Posts can be about anything so long as you manage to tie it back to writing, or even a sample of your writing. I’m not terribly picky.

Send your post to and make sure you put “Guest Post” in the subject line. If you want to do multiple posts, be sure to send each post as a separate email, and number them, i.e “Guest Post #1”.

Remember! I need your post by August 26th at the latest!

Call out

I mentioned this on Twitter, but I thought I would do a whole post devoted to it.

Towards the end of August/beginning of September, I’m gonna be gone for about two weeks. Rather than leaving up a whole bunch of blank space for two weeks,  I figured I would ask you lovely readers for guest posts. I really don’t care about topics, so long as they pertain to writing in some way.

I’ll accept:

  • Essays (short or multiple parts)
  • Short stories
  • Sprints
  • Just about anything

Cut off date for submissions will be Friday, August 26 at Midnight EST (-5 GMT). Leave me a comment that you’re interested, and I’ll hit you up with info on how to get your stuff to me.