Something something something Mexico

I couldn’t think of anything witty for today’s title. This sprint ties back to this one posted on Monday, and this one posted on Wednesday.

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Payday isn’t always a Friday

Sometimes payday falls on a Tuesday, or a Wednesday, or when you’re done getting blackmailed into doing things that you don’t really want to do, but have nothing better to do so you might as well.

Guess which one is for Anya?

Side note: my Character Hub has been updated to reflect new characters and changes in the current line up. Hopefully more characters will be added soon!

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Pay back for Mexico

So after what felt like a dearth of ideas, I now have several new ones flowing in. And they involve Mexico.

I guess my characters were mad they didn’t get to go, so now they’re going. Or at least two of them are. Be on the look out for that some time soon.

(hint hint: it’s the adventurous ones that are going.)

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Party Rockers in the House Tonight

Yes, I am hopping on that train, despite the fact that it derailed a long time ago.

Back story on this sprint: Anya, fresh from her break up with Shahin (spoiler alert) and the end of her apprenticeship, goes to spend a few months with her mother, rather than returning straight to Falcon’s Landing. And we learn Vriss’s first name.

Also, my bad for posting this late. I was distracted by The Hobbit movie after work.

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Escalated writing

This is the aftermath of Monday’s post. People get shot, Anya gets beaten up, and everyone’s generally unhappy with their life’s decision.

Except for that guy. Yeah, that one over there. No, no, the other one. Yeah! Him. That guy’s a jerk. Smiling all the time.


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Snippets here and there

I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I am trying to write a series. This is a snippet from said series.

And by snippet, I mean I wrote this on the fly. And it blew up.

One day, I’ll get comfortable enough with the world it’s set in to actually write the beginning. Continue reading