Shipping, but not with ships

I wanted to take a break for a moment and end the week with a reflective post. A definitive post, you could say. I mentioned the word “Shipping” last week (or the week before, I can’t remember) [It was Wednesday] and I wanted to sort of define it for the people that don’t run around on my parts of the internet.

“Shipping” can be defined as such: the romantic pairing or parings of two characters within a fandom, be they a cannon supported relationship or non-cannon. The term is derived from the word “relationSHIP”, and if you run around on long enough, you’ll find some very good examples of this style of pairings from different fandoms. My roommate, who happens to be deeply deeply in love with the Avengers movie, ships Tony Stark and Loki. This can be denoted in two ways: either through a simple notation of “LokixTony” (or any variation there of) or through cute nicknames like Iron Frost (because Loki is a Frost Giant, and Tony Stark is obviously Iron Man).

Now keep in mind that shipping isn’t just limited to ONE fandom; fans will sometimes cross ship characters from completely different fandoms, or even related ones, because the characters might work well together (in their heads).

Now me personally, I don’t take a HUGE part of shipping characters together. Well, at least not OUT LOUD anyways. I do vocalize my disagreements with some canon parings (Korra and Mako, I’m looking at you…), but all in all, I generally like to leave the shipping to people with more time on their hands.

Besides, I have my own characters to ship. And that’s hard enough because they won’t sit still long enough and I’m running out of duct tape and chairs.

And I will leave you with one last thing that can be found here. Enjoy!



November isn’t that far away. Only what, seven months? That’s still enough time to start planning.

Planning for what? Why NaNoWriMo of course!

Wait, you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is? What do you mean, “I promised to write a blog post about it, but never did”? I did?

We’ll better late than never, I say. Continue reading