Decisive decisions pt II

And the grand announcement is:

The laptop isn’t dead!

Wait, wrong grand announcement.

I’m not getting a new one!

Much to my chagrin displeasure great excitement (awkward, but it works) my laptop is still alive. No, the motherboard isn’t dead; it was only the metal tip of the charger that’s loose. After looking around at brand new laptops, I’ve decided that I’m going to hold off getting a new one until I have a big girl job (i.e. not working part time at a retail store) and a big girl paycheck (i.e. one that’s not crap… like the current one). I mean, I am happy to have a job, I just don’t want this one.

So, the laptop will be coming back. I’ve already ordered a new charger and a new battery to boot (one that will last for 4 hours, allegedly). Go me!

Now, on to the sprint! Continued from the creepy dream.

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Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

If so, then why are you wondering if we covered the world in salad dressing, would the aspargus feel left out? Or if we give peas a chance, will the lima beans feel left out?

Clearly, you have too much time on your hands.

Did I say this week was a M/W/F update? Let’s just stick with that for, oh… a while. It’ll be easier on all of us instead of me going, “No, we’re gonna change it this week. No wait, back to a five day update. Oops, I lied;  no update today.”

Abrupt change of gears is abrupt.

If you read the two consecutive Friday posts I made, this next sprint is along those lines. Its short, and I’m not happy with it, but its a sprint none the less. A short one today to ease us back into the rhythm of things.

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Still no sprint

However, there is a continuation! Huzzah!

Check out this post if you’re feeling a little bit lost.

More background on this story: The turn that I mentioned last week? Well, this somehow turned into a Harry Potter off shoot. In America. During current-ish times.

I got a little bit a head of myself at one point, and spent two or three late nights on the Harry Potter Wiki. That was a bad idea. To save myself from going crazy with it, I shelved it. I may go back and continue it on a for fun basis; I had a really great villain shaping up.

Anyways, the exciting, almost conclusion of my creepy dream!

(side note: I have craziness going on this weekend, so there may not be an update for Saturday.)

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There is no sprint…

Today, there isn’t a spring sprint.

There is, however, a section of a story. (Huzzah!)

I started this in Feburary, and it suddenly took an unexpected turn. I’m not sure if I want to finish it or not, but we’ll see. Its based off a dream I had one night that someone (Judy Black Cloud) “encouraged” me to finish. You’ll be getting part of it this week, and the rest next week. We’ll see if I can make this a thing.

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