Pining for the Fjords

Well, not really.

Okay, yes, I lied. I am, but only a little.

So, I mentioned something on Monday about an excuse for my lateness. Short of the long, Ma and I are in the process of trying to start an online business. She was home sick, so we decided to get crackin’ on it. We’re still in the very early stages of our business, so more details as they come I suppose.

Trying to juggle multiple projects sucks, let me tell ya.

Moving along, today’s sprint is a continuation of last Friday’s sprint, which all began when L.M. Stull posted a prompt on her blog. Due to popular demand/fear, I’ve kept it going.  Cause of it’s adulty type nature, We’ll call it pg-13, for snapping undies and boob accents.

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My Fair Lady

I have “Without You” stuck in my head.

I don’t know why. My brain must really like it. Or something.

Moving right along, we have today’s sprint following along suite of the prompt pt. 1 and prompt pt. 2 I did like a week ago. More like FOREVER ago. This is the internet, after all. Things move fast.

Side note: also going back and tagging those posts with the slave catcher in them. It’ll make them easier to find.


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Buying a corset pt II

And now we return for our exciting conclusion!

“There is no simple, one size fits all approach to writing.”

There, I said it. Secret’s out, everyone. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, etc. Corset shopping (in a very long, round about way) is my metaphor for writing.

The general act of writing is clothes shopping. Sprints are the comfortable clothes; very easy to start and finish, don’t have to worry about impressing anyone. Outlines are the business casual, nice shirt and jeans, getting down to business. Novels themselves are the corsets. Very hard to find, have to squeeze into it, and they take a lot of work.

I fell off the wagon six miles back on the Oregon Trail in the fact that I’ve only been focusing on sprints. I started three outlines, got a few characters down, maybe a plot point or two, then dropped it. So, I have three metaphorical outfits sitting in my closet waiting for me to get back to them. I still have the tags on them so I can return them if I want, but why bother?

I have my comfy sweat pants and college shirts that I can sit around the house in? I’m in my secure little box!

That has to change.

I’ve lulled myself into a false sense of security with the sprints. I find myself opening up old ones in an effort to continue working on them, hoping to impress someone. Maybe its you, maybe its myself, and its probably both.

I’ve found that there are pros and cons to starting a blog. I’m writing more, and I’ve changed the direction on some projects I’m working on. On the flip side, I’m paying too much attention to my traffic figures, trying to pretend I’m bothered when it drops off from high double digits to single digits.

So, I’m making a resolve. I resolve to be less of a neurotic mess, and more of a writer. I also resolve to read more (thank you Boarders for their closing sale) and nail down a solid story line not in outline form.

But I am really planning on buying a corset at some point. I’ll post pictures when I do, I promise.

Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

If so, then why are you wondering if we covered the world in salad dressing, would the aspargus feel left out? Or if we give peas a chance, will the lima beans feel left out?

Clearly, you have too much time on your hands.

Did I say this week was a M/W/F update? Let’s just stick with that for, oh… a while. It’ll be easier on all of us instead of me going, “No, we’re gonna change it this week. No wait, back to a five day update. Oops, I lied;  no update today.”

Abrupt change of gears is abrupt.

If you read the two consecutive Friday posts I made, this next sprint is along those lines. Its short, and I’m not happy with it, but its a sprint none the less. A short one today to ease us back into the rhythm of things.

Also, if you missed those last two posts, Part 1 and Part 2. Off you go. Continue reading