Serious Face

While at FandomFest, I had the chance to listen to a panel talk about blogging and how it affects their lives.  Then I realized something:

I am not a professional writer. Hell, I’m not even ready to be a professional writer.

I started getting this feeling after Con Nooga was over, and listening to the writers there talk about their work. Writing is not an easy profession by any means. Well, any profession has its own level of difficulty, including professional party-goer. With writing, its very much a mental game. You have to get over the feelings of in adequacy, “writing blocks”, and fear that no one is going to like your stuff.

Once you get past the mental game, then it works in to self discipline.  Setting aside time each day (or after work, if you have a day job) to write and complete your obligations (professional or contractual). During this portion, your motivation to write is higher than the previous stage: no writing=no finished project; no finished project=no pay + no future gigs (because you’ve effed yourself over).

Once your project has been submitted, then the revisions start. Maybe they didn’t like this one scene. Or all of chapter two. “We hate the ending, this person shouldn’t die, change it.” Revisions are going to take a while, which means your book probably won’t be coming out until three years from now, or later since (spolier alert) publishing works in cycles.

What this all boils down to: hard work. Plain and simple. Here’s my problem: I still can’t get past the mental game bit.

My mind’s favorite thing to do is to think waaaay too far in advance, even if we’re still in the starting stages. I could be just starting out with a new story, and suddenly I’m on movie rights. “Should this be live action or animated? Which studio should I give this too? How about a director?” Then my inner critic pipes in that everything I’m writing is total crap, and not even a small publisher is going to touch it.

Then I go back to Reddit to make myself feel better by reading rage comics and looking at porn.


Mmmm, Earth Porn.

Yeah baby, I like it like that.

What was I talking about? WRITING! That’s write right.

How do I start getting my serious face on so I can be a professional? Well, for one, I can start by doing this simple little exercise:

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Everyone wants to be fabulously wealthy, with studios banging down their door for the rights to their stories. You could be the next JK Rowling, but don’t expect it to happen. It took JK Rowling several years to be discovered, and an equally long amount of time to get movies made of her books.

The important thing is, you have to start somewhere. Just keep swimming writing, and worry about all the extra bits later. Just focus on finishing (that’s what she said!)

Ah-hahaha. I’m so mature.

Also, sorry for the late post. Wrestling with contacts and all; they’re such slippery little bastards and run away a lot.


I went on the internet

…and I found this. After reading it, I then asked myself a question: How many books do you have to sell to be a best seller? (part two is posted here)

Is getting the coveted “bestseller” status on the New York Times book list overrated? If you have a 26 year old author selling e-books and making a killing, is it even worth going through the normal channels to be a publish author? Continue reading

Con withdrawl

*Caution: the first part of this post contains whining*

I don’t think I would ever say this, but my god, I miss everyone that I met this past weekend.

I want to experience that again, I want to meet new people, make new friends, whine whine whine whine.

Why yes, I will take some cheese to go with that.

My main point is this: I wish I could go to at least one con every two months, but in order to do that, I have to work my butt off at my part time job. Which can be fun, but its not where I want to be. Hence grad school. Grad school that I can’t pay for on my own.

Catch 22, anyone?

*Whining has ended, carry on!*

Anyways, with that out of my system, let us move on to more important matters. Depending on how next week goes, We might do a one a day update again, or I might just stay with the M/W/F schedule. We’ll see how the week shapes up.

Anyways, on to the sprint!

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I just got back from a convention

… and boy are my legs tired. No really, they are. And so are my feet. This will be interesting at work tomorrow.

Super Awesome BFF (Judy Blackcloud) and myself ventured up to Chattanooga this weekend for a thing called Con Nooga. We met a lot of interesting people, and had a freakin’ awesome time. To make this go a little bit faster, I’ll break it down by days. Continue reading