Musings on a Facebook status

Facebook post from a friend of mine: “Let’s just go back to college and stay there”


No, let’s not go back to college. In fact, let’s not go back to high school. Let’s also avoid middle school and elementary school too. (except for the naps thing. I like naps.)

Let’s grow up instead. Let’s take charge of the world and change it for the better. Let’s grow up and grow old, make some decisions that will affect the rest of our lives, or even coast through life.

Let’s go on an adventure. Have a mid life crisis at age 27, quit our jobs, sell all of our possessions and move to Europe. or South America, or go where ever the wind may take us. Let’s live like kings, or scrap by on the kindness of strangers.

Let’s get married! Let’s have kids, buy a mini van, and start scouting out soccer fields to plant our lawn chairs for the next couple of Saturday mornings. Let’s get up early and watch Saturday morning cartoons with the kids.

Let’s also worry. Let’s worry about our 401k plans, the stock market, and our investments. Let’s call our mom around the holidays and tell her that it might not be in the budget to see the whole family.

Let’s live, love, laugh, and lament. Let’s do everything we’ve ever wanted to, and somethings we may regret later. Break out the bucket list, and start checking things off early, or start a bucket list.

The future will come by itself, progress will not. So why not progress through the world? Let’s move forward; grow up and grow old.

Let’s not go back to college.


Two important questions

“Two Important Questions that I Learned in College” or “How My Research Professor Ruined Me”.

Take your pick.

While slogging through my first (and second) go around with a class titled “Research and Writing” I noticed my professor always started his questions with either “how” or “why”. Example:

  • How did the Ainu come to be discriminated against? (first paper, got a D in the class, had to retake it)
  • Why should we care about Kennesaw Mountain? (second paper, scrapped by with a C, no retake)

His non stop questioning of my papers helped me to become both a better historical¬† researcher, thesis writer, adult, etc. But, in a way, he’s also ruined me as a fiction writer.

I’ve found that from his class, I’ve started down the awful road of “telling”, rather than “showing”. I feel the need to tell my readers every single little detail about a scene, a character, or the journey they’re on.

And thus, they journeyed along, with slow and careful strides, occasionally stopping to poop behind a tree, yet being cautious enough to avoid the bears, for they are fearsome creatures and can run at 35 mpg (56kmph for those of you not in America).

AUGH! That’s so boring! I want to reach over and slap MYSELF for writing that.

On the opposite hand, I don’t tell enough sometimes. My favorite thing to do is to ignore character details completely, except probably height. I’ve found that my female characters are short (5’2-5’4) while my male characters are rarely under 5’10. So strange. I don’t know why I do this. I know what everyone looks like in my head (mostly). I just have some deep psychological aversion to putting it down on to paper. Maybe its in the hope that the reader will identify more with a character if he/she doesn’t know what they look like, or as I call it, the “Bella Swan approach”.

I could go on, but I’ll save the “Bella Swan Approach” for next week’s topic.

No sprint today

Today, there is no sprint. Why?

  1. I’m running low (again)
  2. I’ll out of town today and tomorrow

A good friend of mine is graduating from college this weekend, so I’m driving to see her tonight, and I have some other plans for this weekend as well.

Also, I have to figure out a Mother’s Day present/card, seeing as I haven’t done that yet either.

Instead, we’ll talk about Cino de Mayo. That happened yesterday. Whatever.

It is NOT Mexican Independence Day; that’s in September. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican forces kicking the French off their lawn, involving a bunch of other stuff that’s too long to explain for my brain dead little mind.

(I promised my friend that was graduating a sneak peek at my rough draft, so I have to get it to a good stopping point.)

So happy the day after Cinco de Mayo. I’m gonna go crash.