Five second characters

On one of my daily prowls through Reddit, I saw a thread that went something like this:

“Your username is now the title of a porn. What’s it about?”

Curiosity over took me, and I started reading the thread. So I decided to post one about my username, because that’s a brilliant idea! What started out as a five second character has now spawned into a potential serial story, with episodes and an over all plot arc, major villian included for FREE.

This is how it started:

“The Great Gonzo: episode 26 “Watership Down”

The continuing adventures of the bandit Gonzo, on a quest to find some peace and quiet. This week, we find our heroine trying to survive an all-out brawl between the forces of good, evil, and those that don’t care (Gonzo). Trapped in an underground cavern with a band of pretty useless princes, the group must fight an octopus merman, who holds the princess Marjorie captive!”

Then I ran into a problem.  Well, two problems. 1) I had two possible endings; 2) I’m now attached to the character of Gonzo the Rouge for hire. She’s traveled through out the land, made friends with an orc chieftain (something humans dont’ do), and just been a general badass like Buffalo Bill Cody.

But back to the endings. As I was writing the description, I gave her two outcomes: a dirty one and a not immediately dirty one, but it would probably wind up being dirty later on.

This next part is NSFW if you catch my drift. Continue reading