Continuing adventures in Mexico!

This is probably the last we’ll see of Anya’s adventures in Mexico.

At least on the mainland. No body said anything about the COAST. Continue reading


Monday is Meeting day

Monday is always the day that everyone in the office gets together to discuss what happened over the weekend. Someone’s gone out of town, someone had a major bender with their friends, and Anya gets held hostage inside a whole country.

Anya wins the “worst weekend ever” award. Continue reading

Pay back for Mexico

So after what felt like a dearth of ideas, I now have several new ones flowing in. And they involve Mexico.

I guess my characters were mad they didn’t get to go, so now they’re going. Or at least two of them are. Be on the look out for that some time soon.

(hint hint: it’s the adventurous ones that are going.)

Also, this sprint continues from the one from Friday/Saturday. Continue reading

Party Rockers in the House Tonight

Yes, I am hopping on that train, despite the fact that it derailed a long time ago.

Back story on this sprint: Anya, fresh from her break up with Shahin (spoiler alert) and the end of her apprenticeship, goes to spend a few months with her mother, rather than returning straight to Falcon’s Landing. And we learn Vriss’s first name.

Also, my bad for posting this late. I was distracted by The Hobbit movie after work.

1, 2, 3 go! Continue reading

Cue the dramatic music

Everything exciting in action movies either (a) happens in Mexico or (b) happened in Mexico. The same can be said for my stories, but since I’m not daring enough to send them to Mexico, it happens at the border.

Can’t let them lead lives that are more exciting than mine. Cause I’m a jerk. Continue reading