Alternate Universe time!

Because I am such an awesome writer/have A.D.D. when it comes to sticking with one plan, I had an idea pop into my head. (Eventually I’ll get my story nailed down… one day… *sigh*)

In the cannon of my big epic, Anya stays on Falcon’s Landing (the farm) until she’s about 16/17, which is when she takes up the apprenticeship to be a messenger for the serlael Army. Meanwhile, her mom (conveniently named Anya as well, because I’m a dick) goes off to get unhappily married to a guy she only moderately tolerates (Ajam) and eventually has another child, but that doesn’t help things.

The story goes that the new husband finds out about Anya the younger and is all like, “OMFG, LET’S SAVE OUR MARRIAGE AND ADOPT HER. BEST IDEA EVER.” Awkwardly,  Anya’s dad, Clay, is stationed in the same region as the elder Anya. The original idea was to have Clay tell his estranged/ex-wife no, but in the alternate universe he says yes.

So its kind of like a “What if he said yes?” scenario, and the alternate universe that spawns out of it.

A wee bit more back story on this sprint, Anya is older (19-21 years old) and now alternating her time between her stepfather’s house and Colonel Albert’s mountain fortress (of doom). She’s not running around stirring up a rebellion, Sarnath has a pretty good grip on power, and Shahain comes to visit. Continue reading


I only change because I love you

And I like confusing the hell out of you guys and gals.

This one, though, does actually require a wee bit of explaining. See, I had this brilliant idea to throw Anya into a Kingdom Hearts type situation where Anya is magically transported to a castle where the major Disney princesses are being kept, and the villains are all like, “Well, IDK what to do with her, but let’s kill her handsome prince anyways because we’re assholes.”

On the opposite end, Shahain winds up teaming with the Disney princes to go rescue their ladies, but Shahain has to do it in disguise because if he did go running around in his natural form, there would be much disagreements. There’s a massive difference between someone that looks like this:

Totally stole this from Voltron. Which is where MOST of my source material comes from

Less beard, more pointy ears, and yellow eyes.

versus someone that looks like this

Go google search "Handsome Prince" and he's literally the 4/5th result.

Again, less beard, more buff. Mmmmm so handsome.

coming to rescue a “princess”. Hence the disguise. Y’know, cause he’s blue; that’s not exactly a Disney hero approved color in terms of skin tone. (SPECIESISM!)

Spoiler alert: They rescue the gals, and blow that Popsicle stand. This convo takes place once everyone is in a safe area away from all the hullabaloo.

Also, none of this is cannon for my story. It’s more like alternate universe type stuff, or a short weekend jaunt into another universe. Like camping. Continue reading