I knew there was something I meant to do today when I turned on my laptop at 10:40ish this morning.

Then I remembered. At 12:40. When I was heading downstairs to turn on the GameCube.

Today, you get a change up. Again. We haven’t heard from Alexandria the Great in a while, so here she is. With a twist!

(I’ll stop saying that eventually)

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Today, you get a break from the prostitutes.

Also, sorry this one is late. I meant to put this up last night, but was distracted by my sister’s old HTC phone.

It’s really really niiiice. :3

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Rain is such a tease

*EDIT* Added the tags and check the right category boxes. God I’m lame.

The forecast has been calling for rain today. I love me some rainy days! They’re perfect for staying in and doing nothing writing! Unfortunately, its gone from a 90% chance (which I was really excited about) down to a 60% chance for showers in the evening. Kinda sad about that.

Update schedule for this week and next will be M/W/F, with updates coming in the evenings/late at night. My work schedule has me at 24.5 hours each week, so we’ll see how it goes.

On to the sprint!

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The one with the apology attached (pt. 2)

So, I noticed that on Friday I attracted 35 hits. Those must have been the most disappointed 35 people in the world. Never mind the fact that Mubarak stepped down on Friday, I didn’t up date like I said I would!

God, I can be such a jerk.

Moving right along, to make up for the update I  didn’t do completely ignored missed on Friday/Saturday. In a rare form, I managed to do a sequential sprint to the previous update. If something doesn’t make sense, scroll down and read the other post. Or click the home button, then scroll down.

I’ll add a link later. If I remember. Keep in mind, I am a jerk, so I might just forget like I forgot about the update I was supposed to do this weekend.

(Side note, I keep misspelling sprint as “spring”. Give me a good explanation why, and I’ll turn it into a spring sprint.)

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The one with an apology attached

Anyone else remember me saying I was going to update again on Friday/Saturday? Remember how well that worked out?

See, what had happened wuz:

-Worked until 5 pm on Friday

-Friends came to visit for the weekend

-Had an awesome time

-Suddenly remembered that I am human and I do get tired

-Figured out Grad School plans

-Worked from 12-7 pm today

-Measure worth by the amount of traffic the blog has received Never mind.

But these are trifle issues compared with what I owe you, incredibly bored dear reader, which is a double update. Of course, to save you from having to read one incredibly long post, I’ll be kind evil and split it into two updates. Updates will continue tomorrow as expected. Which is one a day. In case you forgot.

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