Who the heck is this?

“Southern girl, no accent.” According to Twitter anyways.

Hi, my name is Suzy Deacon, and it has been three days hours since I last bit someone had a drink killed a man bug.

Trying to find my way through the world, and I decided to share my writing sprints with the world. Because I’m an egotistical jerk So I can receive feedback and become a better writer. I’m still exploring wordpress, so I hope you’ll excuse how empty this place looks.


22 comments on “Who the heck is this?

  1. fivereflections says:

    hello suzy deacon – no accent?

    david in Maine USA

  2. Bob Othman says:

    Simple (yet complex) about page that’s intriguing and fascinating.

  3. Meg says:

    Lol silly Suzy. Is this your new blog? Or did I miss something? lol

  4. cyril says:

    Hello Suzy Deacon great blog keep writing and enjoy
    Are you interested to write articles through our blog.
    Thanks Cyril

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