Pay back for Mexico

So after what felt like a dearth of ideas, I now have several new ones flowing in. And they involve Mexico.

I guess my characters were mad they didn’t get to go, so now they’re going. Or at least two of them are. Be on the look out for that some time soon.

(hint hint: it’s the adventurous ones that are going.)

Also, this sprint continues from the one from Friday/Saturday.

“Of course I did,” he said, taking another puff of the cigar, “Colonel Albrecht answers to me.” he grinned madly, smoke pouring out of his nostrils. “I’m General Iruzi Vriss, and I command the division that the good Colonel is part of.” He took another long drag on his cigar. “You do look very much like your mother,” he continued, snorting out smoke, “but you have your father’s taste for adventure.” Fishing inside of his coat, he pulled out a small business card and easily reached over the large gap to hand it to her. “When you want another adventure, come find me.”

There was no name on the card, only a number. “What if I don’t?” Anya asked cautiously. She was not prepared to go back to the Colonel’s mountain fortress and risk seeing Shahin again.

“You will,” he said confidently. “You’re very much like your father; after a week of rest, you’ll find yourself wandering the house. Back and forth to the barn, but they,” he motioned to the party inside, “won’t understand. They never will. By the end of the second week, you’ll be a bundle of nerves, anxious to go but with no reason to leave. I’ll be waiting for you at the other end of the line.” He took a long drag on his cigar as the door opened again.

“Anya, there you are.” her step-father said in his usual calm demeanor. “Your mother has been looking all over for you.”

“The party was a bit stuffy,” the General spoke up, puffing on his cigar again, “she joined me out here for some fresh air.”

“It’s best to come back inside,” the Governor insisted, offering Anya his hand, “Your mother has some friends she would like you to meet.” With the General sitting across from her, she was feeling quite bold.

“I think I’m going to stay outside,” Anya politely refused his hand, “I feeling a bit ill when I’m inside, and I feel much better when I’m outside.” Adil retracted his hand.

“Then I shall let your mother know,” he said, stepping back inside and disappearing into the crowd.

“That was probably the boldest thing you’ve done in your life, isn’t it?” Vriss asked with a wry smile.

“Second to jumping off my horse mid-air.” Anya countered.

“I have a proposition for you,” Vriss said, snubbing out the rest of his cigar, “since I happen to be in town for a few days, I’m curious to see what sort of tricks your father has taught you.”

“It won’t be up to her, General Vriss,” Lady Anya said, stepping out of the darkness and around the porch corner close to her daughter. “Anya has some family obligations she must fulfill first before she can have any fun.”

“Well,” the General conceded, “one does what one must to please one’s family.”

“Indeed,” Anya felt a gloved hand on her bare shoulder. “Come inside, darling,” she said lovingly, “we must do something about your hair.” Without a word, Anya the younger stood up and followed her mother back through the darkness of the porch.


“While you are here, you may do as you wish,” Anya repeated as her mother fussed with her loose hair, “that’s what you said.”

“I did say that,” she conceded, “and you may do as you wish, but while you are here, I forbid you from talking to anyone ranked higher than a colonel.” With an irritated sigh, her mother put the hairbrush down, and fished through a nearby drawer to find a heavy duty brush. “Why must you have such thick hair?” she growled, defeatedly pulling it back into a  pony tail. “Of all the traits to pass down.”

“Seems to be from your side.” Anya said snidely, watching her mother adjust her bangs in the mirror. “Dad has pretty thin hair.”

“I like this,” she said, pulling her bangs back and leaving the rest of her hair down.

“I don’t,” Anya pointed out.

“I don’t care,” her mother said in a sing song voice, pinning down the loose bits of hair.

“Well what if I don’t?”

Her mother patted her gently on the shoulders. “Then you can either go straight to bed, since you have been rather ill. Or,” she balanced her weight against Anya’s shoulders, “you can come back down stairs, be sociable, and avoid anyone with a rank higher than a Colonel.”

Anya remained silent for a moment. “I am still feeling rather ill.” she coughed and faked a yawn. “I think it might be time for bed.”


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