It’s that time

You know that time. The time EVERYONE dreads.

The sex talk. Birds and the Bees. The awkward time for everyone in the house; even the pets.

You get the idea.

Also, this is rated as NSFW because of reasons.

Clay handed her a small paper box. It was cleverly disguised as an unassuming, flimsy, cardboard box, but inside of it was a secret.

“Don’t open it just yet,” Clay said, quickly covering the box in his daughter’s hand with his own.

“Why?” Anya asked quickly. “What’s inside?”

He sighed heavily, unsure how to continue. “Anya,” he began, “you’re old enough now to know how the world works.”

“I’m also old enough to know when someone is trying to talk to me about sex.” Anya quipped. The old man bristled, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment. “What’s in the box dad?” Reluctantly, Clay removed his hand to allow Anya to explore the flimsy box.

“It’s… condoms,” he said with some difficulty, staring at the floor as she pulled the small plastic squares from the box to examine them. “I don’t know if you’re active, and I don’t want to know, but I want you to be safe.” He placed a hand affectionately on her knee. “I’m not old enough to be a granddaddy yet.”

“Mama would be thrilled I think.” Anya said, packing the box back as best she could.

“And everyone back at Falcon’s Landing would be too,” he said, grunting in pain as he stood up, “but I’m your Daddy, and I said no grand-kids.”

“What makes you think you’re the boss of me, old man?” Anya demanded playfully.

“Don’t test me.” Clay quickly snapped back.


Anya took her time traveling through the castle’s corridors, admiring the winter storm outside as she passed by the large windows, before she reached her room. Heaving the door open, she found Shahin waiting for her in front of the fireplace instead of Hidalgo.

“Oh, fortuitous luck!” She said loudly, closing the door behind her. “My dog has turned into a man!”

“I missed you too.” Shahin, a wry smile on his face, quickly pulling her into a hug and affectionately kissing her forehead. “What’s in the box?” He asked curiously. Anya’s face went red when she realized she would have to explain it to him.

“Condoms,” she said sheepishly, “from my dad, cause…” she shrugged instead of finishing her thought.

“We shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” Shahin said, his tone now seductive and his grip more sensual, “but we should at least give them a try.” Anya giggled, a mix of nervous and excited energy surging through her body.


3 comments on “It’s that time

  1. cyril says:

    Hello Suzy Deacon…Nice post..

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