Getting Arrested

I really love this one. The idea for it popped into my head as I was driving to work at 5 am, and it was all I could do to keep from driving at 90 mph because I was so fired up for this scene.

Also, this scene was briefly mentioned in this sprint. (Although I may have forgotten a few details….)

Also also, meet Colonel Clay Kerran everybody! He’s Anya’s unseen (up until now) father! 😀

“Ah yes, Governor Ajam,” the Admiral said smugly. “I’ve heard of you.”

“I’ve heard of you too, Admiral Vistross.” Governor Ajam said, trying to push Abbas behind him.

“Then you’ll know to stay out of my way.” Vistross snapped. “You and your whelp of a son.” Ajam was taken aback by the remark, but bit his tongue to keep from responding. “I’ve heard the stories already, Governor,” the Admiral continued, “the stories of your whore of a wife have gotten around faster than she has.” Anya could see that Ajam was fuming with rage and embarrassment; there was nothing he could do to respond to the Admiral’s hateful speech with out risk loosing his post. For such a short man, Vistross had an even shorter temper.

“Admiral, that sure is enough.” Virss said, placing a hand on the Admiral’s shoulder, trying to pull him away from the scene he was causing.

“You want your pay docked, Colonel?” Vistross barked angrily, redirecting his barrage to Vriss. The stunned Colonel could say nothing. “Then I suggest you don’t place your hand on me again!”

“Admiral,” Anya’s father spoke up, his tone even as he tried to calm the situation, “Colonel Vriss simply means to-”

“You have no place here, serf!” Vistross spat. “You best keep your mouth shut, or its back to the farm with you!” With that, Vistross shove his way past the officers, but was quickly pulled backwards by a firm hand on his arm. “Who the hell are you to dare touch me?!” Vistross yelled at Anya, trying to wrench himself free of her iron like grip.

“Sir, you will take back that first remark of yours.” she said quietly. “He didn’t deserve that, and I would much appreciate you apologizing to him.” Vistross finally managed to pull free, and examined the dirt from her gloves on his jacket.

“You-you- whore!” He finally managed to spit out, rushing towards Anya’s face. “You will surely pay for that insult!”

“I think apologies are in order first.” Anya said calmly, a small smile on her face. “First they boy, his name is Abbas.” The Admiral stepped ‘back slightly; this was the first time anyone had stood up to him so calmly before. “Next the Governor,” Anya continued, “followed by his wife, who should be addressed properly as ‘Lady’, despite whatever dubious past she may or may not have.” A look of horror slowly over came Vistross. “Next the Colonels; neither of them didn’t deserve either insult you paid them as they both are very hard workers. I know from experience.” Anya could see a rage building inside of the Admirals eyes; Vistross had found his second wind.

“I apologize to no one!” He exploded, getting chest to chest with Anya, spit hitting her face. “I am Admiral Vistross, Commander of the First Kingdom’s finest fleet! I have sailed a thousand oceans, conquered millions of people, and killed billions! Numbers a sorry excuse for a whore as yourself couldn’t possibly imagine, nor fathom!”

“You are also an extremely rude little man.” Anya countered calmly. “There’s a reason I didn’t take my gloves off to touch you.”

“Oh?” Vistross growled angrily. “And why is that?”

Anya smiled quietly. “I don’t touch horse shit with my bare hands.” That sent the Admiral over the edge. The suit’s defensive instincts kicked in, allowing Anya to see his hand coming towards her face in slow motion. She quickly redirected his hand and headbutted him, sending the Admiral to the ground. There was a chorus of painful hisses from the small crowd that surrounded them, which only further angered the Admiral. Anya stepped back as the Admiral scrambled to his feet in a flurry of dust and debris.

“You bitch!” he screeched, shoving his hat into Vriss’ chest. “I’ll make you regret ever being born!” The Admiral charged forward, and the suit’s defensive program quickly took over. Anya stepped slightly to the side, exposing the Admiral’s weak area: his face. With one powerful hit to his jaw, Vistross went town again; he was out cold.

“For a little man with a large temper,” Anya said, pretending to nurse her knuckles, “he has quite the glass jaw.”

“I do hope that’s been recorded,” the head constable spoke up, breaking the crowd’s silence, “because I want that saved permanently in the archives.”

“Anya,” Vriss said, stepping politely over the unconscious Admrial, “you know I have to place you under arrest now.”

“No!” Abbas quickly pushed past his parents and darted in front of Anya, trying to protect her. “You can’t!” he declared. Anya laughed lightly, and patted Abbas on the shoulders as she stepped past him.

“I’ll be fine,” she said, removing her gloves and offering her wrists to the Colonel. “Besides,” Anya grinned at him as Vriss gently placed the cuffs on her, “I need someone to take care of Hidalgo while I’m gone for the night.” Abbas was stunned.

“Y-you trust me?” He asked.

“This isn’t about me,” Anya told him, “it’s about him. If Hidalgo trusts you, then so do I.” Vriss gently tugged on the chain between the cuffs, pulling Anya towards the jail. “You’ll figure it out,” she sold him, purposely stomping on the Admiral’s shins as she stepped over him, “he’ll tell you what he wants. You just have to listen.”


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