Unnamed Epic scenes continued!

More from my unnamed epic! Today, we meet the serlael Navy. Serlael navy guys can be assholes. Like even bigger assholes than normal. On an asshole scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest, they’d be ranked an eleven. And be quite proud of it. Then argue that they should be at a twelve, cause twelve is CLEARLY a better number than eleven.

Those guys are jerks.

“Who’re you?” Anya demanded, and the taller serlael smiled.

“I’m Prince Shahain,” he said proudly, “elder brother of Sarnath.” Anya squinted, flipping her gaze between the two princes.

“I suppose there’s a family resemblance,” she said, “but then again our connection is a tad fuzzy.” Shahain chuckled.

“You’re funny, for a resistance fighter.” he pointed out.

“I try to be,” Anya shrugged, “we’re not all doom and gloom on our end. And I see your navy uniform,” Anya pointed directly at Shahain, “means you’re not either, am I right?”

Shahain laughed lightly and nervously. “You’ve been around our sailors before?” He asked.

“I have!” Anya said proudly, a grin on her face. “Punched one of ’em in the face too. Have the arrest record to prove it.”

“Oh really?” Shahain was curious now. With a motion to the crew behind him, they began looking up the records.

“Hell yeah!” Anya whooped. “Down in Altros, like three years ago; fucker tried to mess with my delivery crew, so I popped him.” Anya pressed her fist into her jaw as a midshipman brought the report to Shahain. “For all of his talk, he went down very easy.”

“Congratulations,” He said, flipping through the papers, “you managed to deck Admiral Vistross, commander of our third fleet.”

“Eh, whatever,” Anya waved it off, “I spent a night in jail, paid the fine, delivery was made. I won’t hold his actions against you.”

“You’re quite the little spitfire, aren’t you?” Shahain said, handing the report back to the midshipman.

“So I’ve been told,” Anya said.

“Then why all of this?” He asked, his tone casual. “Why start a revolution after working with us?” Anya let out a small and quiet laugh.

“This is meant as no offense to you,” she began, “but all you, like me, are is a cog in the system. And the system that we have in place benefits people like you much more than it does me. And I get more benefits than the serfs do, and they get more benefits than the dragonkin do.” Anya sighed, trying to think of the best phrasing. “That’s a very long winded way of saying that the system in place doesn’t work.”

“The system can be changed,” Shahain said, “so why not change it from within, instead of from the outside?”

“There in lies the problem,” Anya pointed out, “the system was long ago put in place before our colony was even though of, much less established. It’s become culturally accepted, and it takes generations to change cultures and norms. We can’t wait for the changes to come through a cultural revolution; it would take far too long for our tastes. We want to create a cultural revolution, and start over completely.”

“Cultural revolution is dangerous talk,” Shahain warned her, “not everyone wants to be on the same level with everyone else.”

“Maybe,” Anya said, “but the bottom of the rung with no possibility for social advancement is pretty shitty too.” Shahain nodded his head in agreement.

“That’s true too,” he said. “But how do you plan on bringing about your ‘cultural revolution’? We’re fairly well entrenched here,” he motioned towards the sailors working away behind him, “it’ll be fairly hard to kick us out.”

“I’m not worried about you guys,” Anya brushed him off, “you guys aren’t going to be a problem.”

“Oh?” Shahain was curious again.

“Yep,” Anya said confidently.

“Care to explain?” Anya laughed loudly.

“I may be friendly, good sir, but I am not that friendly.”

“Drat,” Shahain said, a mischievous grin on his face, “I almost had you.”

“Almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and hitting on the opposing forces.” Anya grinned back at him.

“You’re fun, Anya Kerran,” Shahain said proudly, “I look forward to our first encounter.”

“I’ll try to keep it interesting,” Anya promised, “and speaking of interesting, I have a question for you: how many submarines do you have?”

“Now why would I tell you that?” Shahain asked pleasantly.

“Making sure you can count, obviously.” Anya said playfully. “But in all seriousness, go count your subs.” The grin was gone off Shahain’s face.

“Why?” He asked, the friendly tone gone out of his voice.

“I think know how many you have, and you know how many you actually have,” Anya explained, “but we’ve found one off the coast of the Western islands.” Shahain turned to the large map of Europa behind him. “I know from passing conversations that there’s nothing out there of interest for you; but someone finds it interesting enough to be chillin’ out in the middle of the chain.” Shahain stared at the Western island chain on the map, studying its location and the geography surrounding it. “It looks like it could be one of yours, but you might want to go and count your subs just to make sure.”


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