Short post again

My bad for not having a post ready for yesterday! As an apology, I give you a NSFW post.

Fair warning, its NSFW. And short.

The first kiss was light and airy, as if it almost never happened. It took a moment to register what happened before the second and third kisses landed. It was like a small jolt of electricity going through my body, and directly downwards. I had never been intimate with a man before, much less been kissed, and now my body was incredibly sensitive to each touch?

I gasped with a mix of excitement and confusion as he pushed aside the straps of my camisole, gently making his way towards my neck. I was frozen in my spot, leaning against the map console as his hands wandered down to my waist, slowly rolling down my sleep pants to my hips. My heart was almost beating out of my chest; is this love, or lust? Either way, it felt amazing and I didn’t want it to stop. At least not right away.

Gracefully, his hands moved up my sides and towards my chest, gently supporting my heaving chest with his hands.

“You seem hot,” he breathed, giving my boobs a playful squeeze, “perhaps we should,” with a well-placed nudge of his foot, the console immediately shut down, “turn this off?”

“Might be a good idea,” I said breathlessly.


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