Five second characters

On one of my daily prowls through Reddit, I saw a thread that went something like this:

“Your username is now the title of a porn. What’s it about?”

Curiosity over took me, and I started reading the thread. So I decided to post one about my username, because that’s a brilliant idea! What started out as a five second character has now spawned into a potential serial story, with episodes and an over all plot arc, major villian included for FREE.

This is how it started:

“The Great Gonzo: episode 26 “Watership Down”

The continuing adventures of the bandit Gonzo, on a quest to find some peace and quiet. This week, we find our heroine trying to survive an all-out brawl between the forces of good, evil, and those that don’t care (Gonzo). Trapped in an underground cavern with a band of pretty useless princes, the group must fight an octopus merman, who holds the princess Marjorie captive!”

Then I ran into a problem.  Well, two problems. 1) I had two possible endings; 2) I’m now attached to the character of Gonzo the Rouge for hire. She’s traveled through out the land, made friends with an orc chieftain (something humans dont’ do), and just been a general badass like Buffalo Bill Cody.

But back to the endings. As I was writing the description, I gave her two outcomes: a dirty one and a not immediately dirty one, but it would probably wind up being dirty later on.

This next part is NSFW if you catch my drift.

Ending 1:

Impressed by Gonzo’s actual ability to fight, she and the merman engage in deadly combat… of sexual conquest! Will our heroine survive eight tentacles and a penis? Or can she outwit (and out last) the merman long enough to get her hands on his immeasurable wealth and rescue the princess? Tune in this week to find out!

And Ending 2:

Impressed by Gonzo’s actual ability to fight, she and the merman engage in deadly combat! With an arsenal of magical weapons at his disposal, and a non-magical sword at hers, can our heroine survive an enemy and a room that’s trying to kill her? Or will she go the way of the elves at the hands of the orcs: splattered against the walls. Tune in this week to find out!

So I must admit that I’m at a loss for what to do. I like both endings, but honestly, I’m horrible at writing sex scenes. Do I go ahead and let them at it? Or build up the tension for later on? Regardless of the ending, I would almost like to write this as a serial story. It would be AWESOME.


One comment on “Five second characters

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