Sunday Review: Ogalf

Decided to start reviewing webcomics on Sundays! 😀

This weeks webcomic: Oglaf (NSFW!!)

I stumbled upon Oglaf when browsing a site of minor popularity (4chan) earlier this year, and I am hooked.

Oglaf follows the (mis)adventures of The Apprentice (later revealed) and a variety of other characters. There is a general story line revolving around him, but what’s just as much fun is the sexy humor littered through out the archives.

Okay, not all of it is sex. Like this one (SFW).

There are some recurring characters, but overall the story revolves around Ivan and his dealings with The Mistress. The Mistress is a sorceress (I think) of a very large castle and followers, and Ivan has been duped into learning magic for free, but mostly serves as a brunt for jokes and inane ideas.

Its hard to talk about Oglaf with out giving away a lot  of details and spoiling the overall plot line. Also, the archive is criminally short (I read through the whole thing in under an hour) because its relatively new. If you’re in for sexy adventures (sometimes), nudity, and good old fashioned dicking around, then I highly recommend Oglaf.

Just be careful where you read it; its can be very NSFW.


What do you think?

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